Monday, August 20, 2007

30 Years of Hurt!

For those who simply can’t wait for the next issue of Zarjaz – announcing an all-new one off Zarjaz special. ‘30 Years of Hurt’ is the Judge Dredd 30th Anniversary Special filled with new action packed strips tying into the good Judge’s past, present and future.

The cover art is by sensational 2000AD artist Boo Cook!

Editor droids had this to say:
“We knew we had to do something for the big anniversary year and we thought we would concentrate on ol’ stony face. After all, despite 2000AD being home to hundreds of characters over three decades there is still only one guy you think of first when you think of the galaxy’s greatest. All our contributors stepped up and turned in some fantastic strips and when Boo said he would do the cover we were sure we had a great package.”

‘30 Years of Hurt’ will be available from mid- September, up till then you can check back here for some more preview images in the coming weeks.

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