Friday, October 26, 2007

Dredd Special - Out Now!!

The Zarjaz Judge Dredd 30th Anniversary Special is now available. Featuring stories celebrating the past present and future of Judge Dredd it weighs in at a mighty 48 pages.

First up is a retro tale by Al Ewing and artist Oliver Redding. In the fad crazed Mega City One you can be a victim of fashion as well as a victim of crime – dare you do ‘the Zoove’?

In ‘Untouchable’ an old cube inmate reveals a sinister connection to the lives of young cadets Rico and Joe Dredd. Written by Jay Eales with art by Brett Buckle.

Mark Pexton provides story and art in a tale of life on the dark side of Mega City One in ‘Letters to Eric’ and we see how Dredd can be as fearsome as he is just to the citizens of the Big Meg.

Next we bring you an unseen glimpse into the early life of the Angel Gang in ‘the Hills Have Angel Eyes’. Story and art by Indio with scripting by Al Ewing.

Richmond Clements and Paul Martin show us the thin divide between Judge and Perp in ‘the Line’.

And Dredd comes face to face with, well, Dredd in the temporally twisted ‘Time Trial’ by Colin J Dinnie and David Gray.

All of this wrapped under a sensational cover by fan favourite art droid Boo Cook.

30 Years of Hurt is £3.75 (inc p&p).
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