Friday, January 13, 2006

A Zarjaz 9 out of 10!

If you carefully scan the reviews section of Comics International #192 right to the end you will find Zarjaz 1 has been awarded a prestigious 9 out of 10. Although the review is very brief I think it reflects the high quality of all the strips and the hard work of all the writers and artists that we got such a great mark.

Longtime readers of the review section will know we are now 2 for 2 because Issue 0 also got a 9!

So stay tuned for issue 2 - because we've got a lot to live up to!

Tharg Pluggage!

Peeps the Butler Droid here!

After I administered one of his favourite Beetleguesian sponge baths Tharg very kindly agreed to plug Zarjaz in his mighty organ. But what do I get? One measly mention on the letters page! Is that the price of my personal shame? It seems that it is.

I can only hope it has brought new Squaxx to my humble page and that you will be of the noble disposition to purchase my papery offering. BUY IT YOU FLESHY FOOLS, BUY IT!!!

... I'm sorry. Minor circuit overload. I think I'll lie down now.