Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Peeps the Butler Droid here - All hail Tharg’s secondary organ as its festive issue turns the small press spotlight on non other than Zarjaz. I do appreciate a mighty plug and am very pleased with the added exposure. Special kudos to art droids Nick Dyer and Indio who each get a special mention, although strangely no reference to the shiny droid who pulls it all together! Perhaps Tharg is onto my plan to usurp him!

Friday, December 15, 2006


Zarjaz was in Birmingham last weekend for the first International Comics Show at the Custard Factory. The space was pretty well laid out for a comic convention, allowing plenty of circulation between the talks, the bar and the two dealer rooms. It was certainly a packed weekend and the organisers are to be congratulated for putting on a show with a lot of variety and a strong indy comics focus.

Hopefully this show will continue next year and be able to build its audience as we could certainly use a second ongoing annual convention.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Behind the Page 1

We asked writer Nathan Adler to talk about some of the creative decisions behind his strip Judge Dredd: Floor War from Zarjaz #3.

The idea for this strip was really simple, instead of a Block War you just have two different floors of one block fighting each other and Dredd walks in and sorts it out. I think in the end the strip came off fantastically but a lot of that is to do with Nick Dyer being such a damn fine artist.

On the original version of this page that Nick drew Dredd had three other judges in tow behind him. Looking at the pencilled page I asked him why this was, since they weren't in the script.

Nick said they had to be there since Dredd was conversing with someone in the captions over the first three panels. In my stupidity I hadn't mentioned in the script that Dredd was on his bike comm talking to the control centre.

Nick re-drew and was able to do this much stronger central image of Dredd.

On the second page the very first panel was added in by Nick, he felt that there was too much dead space in stretching the second panel over the whole page. I wasn't sure about adding the extra 'beat' to the start of the page but it gives an interesting pause as Dredd waits for the lift.

I think its cool that if the lift was out Dredd would just climb the shaft. Why didn't he just use the stairs? I don't know. Maybe just because hes a hard ass.

This is the first of two occasions where people just give up to Dredd without a fight. He is such a powerful presence in Mega City 1 that everyday perps like these just arn't going to argue with him.

Issue 3 - in the clear

Fantastic news for Squaxx everywhere - our printing problems are over and Zarjaz 3 is now on its way to stores across the UK.

Of course many still choose to get their thrills direct by mail order from as far away as the US, Finland and most recently Greece!

Now if only NASA would agree to help deliver our intergalactic orders!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Nightmare at the Printers!

We have discovered that a printing error has blighted the Zarjaz 3 print run. On a large number of copies the toner can be removed from the contents page simply by rubbing your fleshy digits over it. Our terran based printer has promised to make good on the whole print run and we have a number of unaffected copies to fill current internet and mail orders.

If you have one of these rogue copies and would like to exchange it for a pristine new one please return it to:
57a Langney Road
BN21 3QD

It is only the contents page that is affected.

This problem has delayed shipping of Zarjaz #3 to Forbidden Planet International outlets and our London stockists Gosh, Orbital and Mega City Comics. We should have new stock as soon as possible and hope to be in stores before December.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006



The latest issue is now available featuring the new ongoing strip BONES OF EDEN, first seen in the 2005 Winter Special .

Bones of Eden shows us a world where an experimental virus has turned back the cultural clock to Year Zero - leaving Washington DC crawling with hyperviolent 'cave people'. Writen by new 2000AD talent Al Ewing and drawn by original artist Russell Hossain. A special feature interviews Al and looks back on the Winter Special.

Also in Issue 3 - Judge Dredd by Nathan Adler & Nick Dyer, Sinister Dexter by Mark Leney & Mark Pexton, Judge Tex by Nick Xylas & Brett Buckle and more. Enough thrills for you and your alien spawn!

Zarjaz 3 is £2.50 + 75p p&p
pay by paypal to

or send a cheque payable to Underfire Comics to:
57a Langney Road
BN21 3QD!

Cover for Issue 3 by Russell Hossain

Bones of Eden by Russell Hossain

Judge Dredd by Nick Dyer

Monday, October 02, 2006

New Postage Rates!

New Postage Rates from 1st Oct.

Unfortunately due to non-scrot forces at the Royal Mail we have had to raise the postage rate for a single issue from 50p to 75p. The cost for additional issues will remain at 25p per issue.

We hope the increase will not spoil your future Thrills!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Zarjaz 2 - Go Rogue!

Issue 2
40 pages
A5 / colour cover / b&w interior

The second issue of ZARJAZ - the 2000AD Fanzine is bursting with Thrillpower! All new stories featuring the cast of the Galaxy's Greatest Comic by talented new creators, including Nick Dyer, David Gray and John Aggs.

Fight on the battleground of Nu-Earth with Rogue Trooper, survive the jungle planet with Durham Red and witness an alternative take on Robo Hunter. Also featuring an article on the recent Zarjaz exhibition in London.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Cover for Issue 2 by Simon Ham

From Durham Red: Hunted. Art by David Gray

From Judge Dredd: The Line. Art by Paul Martin

Friday, January 13, 2006

A Zarjaz 9 out of 10!

If you carefully scan the reviews section of Comics International #192 right to the end you will find Zarjaz 1 has been awarded a prestigious 9 out of 10. Although the review is very brief I think it reflects the high quality of all the strips and the hard work of all the writers and artists that we got such a great mark.

Longtime readers of the review section will know we are now 2 for 2 because Issue 0 also got a 9!

So stay tuned for issue 2 - because we've got a lot to live up to!

Tharg Pluggage!

Peeps the Butler Droid here!

After I administered one of his favourite Beetleguesian sponge baths Tharg very kindly agreed to plug Zarjaz in his mighty organ. But what do I get? One measly mention on the letters page! Is that the price of my personal shame? It seems that it is.

I can only hope it has brought new Squaxx to my humble page and that you will be of the noble disposition to purchase my papery offering. BUY IT YOU FLESHY FOOLS, BUY IT!!!

... I'm sorry. Minor circuit overload. I think I'll lie down now.