Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Zarjaz 2 - Go Rogue!

Issue 2
40 pages
A5 / colour cover / b&w interior

The second issue of ZARJAZ - the 2000AD Fanzine is bursting with Thrillpower! All new stories featuring the cast of the Galaxy's Greatest Comic by talented new creators, including Nick Dyer, David Gray and John Aggs.

Fight on the battleground of Nu-Earth with Rogue Trooper, survive the jungle planet with Durham Red and witness an alternative take on Robo Hunter. Also featuring an article on the recent Zarjaz exhibition in London.

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Robbie Bonham said...

Just picked up the new issue today, in Forbidden Planet, Dublin! Zarjaz work indeed! I hadn't heard about this, but it's like being back in 1987 again! Brilliant work, my friends! Are you looking for artists for any future issues?
Well done on an excellent 'zine!